CR FUJI profect radiology FUJI PROFECT CS CR


Year of manufacture 2007

Console FCR Radiology / Mammography

FUJI Drypix 4000 laser printer


Tests Video:







CR Kodak Directview CR850 for sale Kodak Directview CR850


Year of manufacture 2006

Console Kodak Directview radiology









DR cassette FUJI FDR-D-Evo DR Wireless cassette FUJI FDR-D-EVO


Year of manufacture 2012

Console radiology

Cable and batteries


All complete


Video de tests:








Used CR AGFA radiology AGFA CR30-X


Year of manufacture 2010

Console AGFA NX Radiology

AGFA Drystar 5503 dry laser printer


Video de tests:









CR Konica Minolta Regius 190 CR KONICA MINOLTA REGIUS 190


Year of manufacture 2005

Console Konica CS-2 radiology and mammography

WORK Console Konica VRS

8 Cassettes


Tests Video:







CR carestream directview radiology mammography Kodak Carestream Directview CR850


Year of manufacture 2006

Console Directview radiology and mammography

Kodak Dryview 8900 dry laser printer








CR Konica Minolta Regius 210 CR KONICA MINOLTA REGIUS 210


Year of manufacture 2010

Console Konica CS-3 radiology and mammography

Konica Drypro 793 dry laser printer


Tests Video:






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